About Goofer

Howdy, Partner!  Welcome to our goofy shop.  Grab yourself a tasty beverage and stay a while.

At Goofer, our job is to provide you with original, silly, offbeat, unique, creative, jokey, random, clever, nerdy, groovy designs.

Many of our clients have found that Goofer t-shirts work beautifully when combined with a cute pair of stretchy pants, a dramatic belt, and big puffy moon boots.  But feel free to experiment with other ensembles too!  Especially if you’re a dude.

When you want to make a good impression – for a date, a job interview, or a meeting with your probation officer – there’s no better choice than Goofer apparel.

Thanks for visiting!  We hope you find something that makes you chuckle.

PS . . . 

You may be wondering, “What’s a Goofer?” Or, “What’s the difference between a Goofer and a Gopher?  Is there any?”

According to Greek mythology and the American Nature Conservatory of America, a Goofer is the result of a goose mating with a gopher.  Their precious little offspring is a curious critter known as the Goofer.

And according to The Encylopedia of Modern Jive Talkin’, a Goofer is:

Silly, groovy, funky, clever, jokey, unique, retro, funny, zany, mysterious, loco, goofy, witty, far-out, random, wacky, alternative, amusing, nutty, quirky, hilarious, nerdy, creative, offbeat, cool, fun, odd, fresh, mischievous, funkadelic, wicked awesome, unconformitory, splendid, kooky, delightful, nifty, humorous, fantastic, tremendous, chipper, canny, groovalicious, magnifico, divertido, belissimo, tres chic, la mode, spritely, jolly… and just plain awesome.  BOOM!!

Budget-permitting, we’ll be hiring Denzel Washington to read the preceding paragraphs in a SuperBowl commercial next year.  While wearing lederhosen and elf shoes.