Q:  I have a question about my order.  Who should I contact – Goofer.com or Zazzle.com?

A:  Please contact Zazzle Customer Support if you have any questions about:

– Orders

– The Zazzle.com website

– Product info (options, styles, details)

– Product availability

– Shipping

– General customer service questions

> >  Please see the Contact Info tab for Zazzle’s Customer Support contact info.



Q:  On Zazzle.com, I’m trying to figure out how to change the shirt style.  The design is displayed on a women’s shirt, but I want to see the men’s shirt options.  HELP!

A:  Here’s how to change the shirt style:

>  On the right side of the screen, below “Color and Style Options”, there’s a “Style” Section – with a bunch of small t-shirt pictures.

 Below the small t-shirt pictures, click on “See All Styles.”

>  On the next page, on the left side you will see “FOR: All, Men, Women, Kid, Baby.”  Click the one that you want to see. 

>  Now, browse through the options and find a shirt style that you like.  Click on it.

Finally, click the “DONE” button in the lower right.  Now the design will be shown on the shirt style that you chose.

This process may seem complicated, but we promise it’s easy after you’ve done it a few times! 🙂



Q:  How long does it take Zazzle to print shirts?

A:   Zazzle prints light-colored shirts in 24 hours.  Dark-colored shirts may take up to 3 to 5 business days to print.  So if your order contains any dark-colored shirts, the order may take a little longer to get to you.  Zazzle will email you when your order has shipped.

Note:  these are Zazzle’s estimated time frames.  Depending on their order volume, orders will occasionally be produced faster or slower than these estimates.



Q:  Is there an easier way to find a specific shirt than searching through the pages?


On this site (Goofer.com):  you can use the “Search” box in the lower left of each screen.  If you already know the name of a shirt you’re looking for, enter it in the search box.  Or enter words, such as “cat”, “little friend”, or “ping pong.”  Or any other words you can dream up.

The search function on this site works well, and it’s easier and more efficient to do a search on this site than in our Zazzle.com store.

In our store at Zazzle.com:  if you use the “Search” box on Zazzle.com, the site will search for matching products in ALL Zazzle stores — not only in our Goofer store.  So if you type in “cat”, you will get thousands of search results.

SO... to find a specific Goofer shirt on Zazzle.com, it works best to type in the exact name of the shirt in the “Search” box.  If you don’t know the exact name, you can head back to this site.

Are we trying to be confusing here?  Definitely not.  We’re simply testing your ability to navigate not one, but TWO websites.  Only the brave will win the prize of owning a Goofer shirt.



Q:  Why are some of the designs only available on white shirts? 

A:  Some of the designs print much better on white shirts, so they’re only offered on white.



Q:  On this website (Goofer.com), how can I tell which designs are available on various shirt colors, and which designs are only available on white shirts? 

A:  If a design is displayed on a colored background (not a white background):  the design is available on a wide range of colors.

If a design is displayed on a white background:  it may be available on white shirts only, and it may be available on a wide range of colors.  TO FIND OUT:      

>  Click on a design

>  On the next screen, the first sentence will tell you whether it’s available on “a wide range of colors”, or just on white.

>  If you want to see what the specific color options are, click on the blue “CLICK HERE” text.

>  A new internet window will open, displaying the shirt in our Zazzle shop.

>  From there, you can browse the various shirt styles and color options.  For help navigating the shirt options, please see question #2 on this page.



Q:  As I’m looking through the shirts, it seems like I’m seeing some of the designs more than once.  But maybe I’m just imagining things.  Which has been known to happen like every day.  So which is it?

A:  Since most Goofer designs are available on many shirt colors, some of the designs come in multiple versions.  Like a green owl and a purple owl.   Or black text on one version, and white text on another.   To give you more color options for making a custom shirt.



Q:  I’ve tried wearing the t-shirts that everyone else wears.  Why oh why aren’t they making me feel like the groovy, unique, avant garde individual that deep down I know I am??  – Perplexed in Perrysville

A:  Don’t fret, little friend.  You’ve tried the rest, and now you’re ready for the best:  Goofer shirts.  Toss those other shirts out the window and Get Your Goofer On!!



Q:  Why do some of the Goofer team shirts contain grammatical errors?  (Dodo’s, Rabbit Foots, Octopus’s, etc.)

A:  It truley pains us to see the English language used wrongly.  However, Goofer.com does not possess the legal right to alter the team designs.  They are the the intellectual property of the American Dodgeball Federation (“ADF”).  When we addressed this issue with the ADF, they offered us “a 75 MPH dodgeball to the face.”  Per the advice of our legal counsel, we have decided not to pursue this matter further.



Q:  Do you have any GOPHERS for sale?  I’m actually looking for gophers and I somehow got to this site by accident.  Whoa.      

A:  We don’t have any gophers for sale, nor will we at any point in the future.  We have a shirt you might be interested in, though:  P-Dawg, which stands for prairie dog.  According to gopherpedia.com, some prairie dogs are considered gophers.  And vice versa.  And if you want to get really technical and scientific about it, some people are even considered gophers.