Ordering Tips



Zazzle.com has sales often!  Sometimes they have great sales, like 25% to 50% off.  Here’s how you can find out when sales are happening:

>>  Like us on Facebook.  When Zazzle is having a good sale, we’ll post sale info and sale codes.



>>  Register for an account on Zazzle (which takes about 15 seconds).  They occasionally send emails when sales are happening.

A little secret:  When you place orders, Zazzle will email you with more (and better) sale codes – as a type of frequent shopper bonus.  Place a few orders and you’ll receive extra-good sale codes that aren’t available to the public.



Zazzle offers a great shipping option called “Zazzle Black.”  For only $10, you get free standard shipping on all orders for a year!  And there’s no minimum order amount, either.  So if you expect that you’ll place two or more orders during the year, you’ll save money on shipping by signing up for the “Zazzle Black” program.  There are other benefits too, like exclusive discounts.

You can sign up when you place an order.  When you sign up, the one year starts that day and goes for the next 365 days.  (It’s not based on the calendar year).

Quick overview of the program:  zazzle.com/zazzleblack



Thanks to Zazzle, you’re empowered to create a custom shirt — made just for you.  But with great power comes great responsibility.  If you’re feeling responsible, read on.

TIP: When you’re choosing a shirt color, think about CONTRAST. The contrast will mainly depend on the shirt color that you choose.

With most Goofer designs, you have many shirt colors to choose from. Check to make sure that there’s a decent amount of contrast between the shirt and the design. More contrast means better visibility for the design.

In other words, choosing a medium blue shirt for a design with navy blue text is… not exactly the best choice ever.  Just sayin’. 😉

When in doubt, go for more contrast!



Here’s some quick info about some of the most popular shirt options.  There’s more detailed info available once you’re in our shop on Zazzle.com.



“Basic T-shirt” (short sleeve):  heavy-weight cotton, lots of color options.

Basic American Apparel T-shirt(short sleeve):  a bit more expensive than the “Basic T-shirt”, but thinner/softer cotton and more comfortable.  Lots of color options.  A great shirt!

Basic Long Sleeve”:  heavy-weight cotton.

Hanes Nano Long Sleeve”:  same price as the “Basic Long Sleeve” shirt, but thinner/softer cotton and more comfortable.



“Hanes ComfortSoft® T-Shirt” (short sleeve):  thin/soft cotton, good price.

“Women’s American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt”:  thin/soft cotton, with lots of color options.                 ** NOTE:  Based on customer feedback, this shirt runs small.

“Basic American Apparel T-shirt(short sleeve):  thin/soft cotton, with lots of color options.                                             ** NOTE:  This shirt is a “unisex” shirt, and is listed under the Men’s shirts category.

“Women’s Hanes Nano Long Sleeve T-Shirt”:  thin/soft cotton. For some reason it costs less than the short sleeve version of the same shirt. (?)

“Women’s Hanes Nano V-Neck T-Shirt” (short sleeve):  thin/soft cotton, more expensive than the first 4 women’s shirts listed on this page.

“Women’s Hanes Nano T-Shirt” (short sleeve):  thin/soft cotton, more expensive than the first 4 women’s shirts listed on this page.